Celebrating Legacy & Leadership 

Dedicated to the memory of “Baba” Ken Grimes, Beverley “Bev” Reddick-Jenkins, and Dr. Lane Cedric Rolling, the November issue celebrates legacy and leadership. Tributes to each of Denver’s beloved community leaders highlight their lifelong commitments to making the world a better place. Christen Aldridge pays homage to one of Denver’s cherished storytellers, “Baba” Ken Grimes, who passed away due to complications caused by ALS, leaving behind a legacy of written and spoken history. 

Artistic contributions of the past, present and future are highlighted in this issue to shine a light on the meaningful stories that weave us together in unity and love. Film and theatrical excellence are a focal point, with performer Bobby Wilson sharing a transformational story of revival with Wayne Trujillo. Discussing his upcoming documentary, The Last Teardrop, Wilson pays tribute to his father – the legendary musician, Jackie Wilson. Details about the 46th Annual Denver Film Festival include a culturally significant opening night presentation and an exciting lineup of events celebrating cinematic excellence on screen. Angelia McGowan speaks with Black Nativity director, Alicia “Lisa” Young, about the upcoming holiday stage production with a community focus. 

Misti Aas revisits the importance of written history with a recap of the Colorado Black Authors Guild’s inaugural Black Authors Book Fair, hosted by James “Dr. Daddio” Walker. Updates following the Black Boss Summit and the Colorado Black Round Table Summit detail conversations around economic equity and advancement from industry leaders, entrepreneurs, city officials and prominent members of Colorado communities. 

Finally, Denver Urban Spectrum has updates of its own after leaving the Colorado Press Association Convention with over a dozen awards and launching a brand new website that offers exciting features for readers and business partners. Whether in business, entertainment or community, we honor the legacy and leadership of everyone working to make our city and state an even greater place. 

Happy Reading! 

Ruby Jones

DUS Editor