A harmonious takeoff and landing live music experience 

While airports are typically associated with the hustle and bustle of travel – passengers rushing to their gates, luggage rolling along the terminal floors, and the constant hum of announcements, Denver International Airport (DEN) is rewriting the script on the airport experience with its inaugural JetSet Jamz Concert Series. In a groundbreaking move, DEN has become the first airport in the world to host a live concert series, showcasing a diverse range of musical talents. 

More than 2,500 music lovers took to the Plaza at DEN with jazz and R&B headliners After 7, Gerald Albright, Richard Elliot, Dotsero, Mary Louise Band and SUCH. This unique event redefines the way Colorado locals and travelers alike perceive airports, and provides a refreshing break from the usual airport routine. 

“JetSet Jamz was about so much more than just hosting concerts at DEN. Yes, the artists were incredibly talented, and having great live music was amazing but it was really more about community,” said Phil Washington, DEN chief executive officer. “This concert series brought thousands of people to DEN who wouldn’t necessarily have a reason to be there on a Sunday afternoon. This allowed us to engage with attendees and share information about careers, business and educational opportunities at DEN. It aligns with our Vision 100 strategic plan as we are focused on developing and growing our workforce, exposing people to aviation, and creating more opportunities, especially for underserved communities.” 

DEN is focused on building an equitable, diverse and inclusive aviation workforce. That includes investing in their current workforce and also the workforce of the future. There are many opportunities to get involved at the airport and join the DEN team or one of the many businesses operating here. Later this year, DEN will break ground on its Center of Equity and Excellence in Aviation (CEEA). This first-of-its-kind training facility in the aviation industry aims to invest in the development of current and incoming workforce and infrastructure. 

JetSet Jamz was conceived as a way to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere for travelers. In partnership with Becky Taylor Events, Sandra Holman Watts of Live at Jacks and the DEN team, they transformed the Jeppesen Terminal into a captivating concert venue. This pioneering endeavor aims to celebrate the rich musical culture in 

Colorado while enhancing the customer experience. 

One of the standout performances featured the R&B sensation group, After 7. Their smooth harmonies echoing through the Plaza provided a fun party-like atmosphere; they not only entertained but fostered a sense of community and connection among people from all walks of life. Group member, Kevon Edmonds, shared a thank you video saying, “Who knew you could have so much fun out at the airport just hanging out?” 

The party continued between bands with DJ Al Your Pal, DJ Big Styles, DJ Chonz and DJ Bella Scratch. Julia Thompson, a frequent traveler and concert-goer, shared her experience, “I’ve been through many airports, but DEN’s JetSet Jamz made me feel like I was at a music festival! It’s such a unique and enjoyable way to spend my Sundays. I look forward to concerts and connections at DEN now.” 

One of the most commendable aspects of JetSet Jamz is its strong commitment to supporting local talent. Colorado has a thriving music scene, and DEN has harnessed the local talent pool, providing a platform for musicians to showcase their skills to a global audience. 

The series also welcomed popular local artists including C2 Mass Choir, Same Cloth, BigPocket, Conjunto Colores, Jacob Larson Band and Cass Clayton Band. 

Solomon Chapman, a singer-songwriter from Denver who performed at the series, expressed his gratitude, saying, “It was such an honor for Same Cloth to be featured in JetSet Jamz. The stage was phenomenal and the crowd was full of eager listeners from all over. I’m grateful for the opportunity that we had to share our sound with folks from near and far.” 

DEN’s JetSet Jamz Concert Series is a testament to the power of innovation and creativity. By seamlessly blending the joy of live music with the travel experience, DEN has redefined what an airport can offer its community. This remarkable initiative entertains and celebrates the rich musical culture in Colorado while fostering a sense of unity. 

As JetSet Jamz continues to evolve and bring even more musical diversity to DEN, it stands as a shining example for airports worldwide to follow. By embracing the arts and creating memorable experiences, airports can transform the way people perceive air travel, making every journey an unforgettable adventure.. 

Editor’s note: For more information on JetSet Jamz, visit flydenver.com/concert. 

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