Opening of the Majestic Lodge Makes Getaway in Breckenridge Mountains Accessible

By Melovy Melvin

Breckenridge is at the center of the Rocky Mountains in Summit County, Colorado. The small community town is best known for its small shops and restaurants, year-round activities, and winter sports, bringing people all over to ride the slopes at its busy ski resort. Just outside town, within the surrounding mountain haven of Breckenridge Highlands, sits the Majestic Lodge, a luxurious lodgepole home with stunning views and captivating experiences both inside and out. It is not your ordinary mountain lodge with its modern feel at 9,600 feet in elevation.

“When you’re here, we don’t want you to just enjoy yourself, but to really feel at home. And when you’re home, you sometimes never want to leave,” said Melissa Wilbourn.

She and her husband, Ben Wilbourn, are the proud owners of the vacation rental home. They purchased the property in December 2019, and are one of the few African American real estate owners in the Breckenridge community. After taking multiple trips to the ski resort with their family, Ben and Melissa decided to purchase their own lodge.

“We loved coming up to the mountains and especially with every trip, we would take our family, sometimes 15 to 17 people altogether and it finally dawned on us, ‘Why rent when we can buy a lodge?’ And that’s what got the ball rolling,” said Melissa.

As they decided to enter the real estate market, they came upon the Majestic Lodge at 8 Fletcher Court, Breckenridge. “Eight is a very special number,” said Melissa. “Eight is in our family. Ben’s and my dad’s birthdays are eight as in August. Eight symbolizes infinity. My mother’s birthday was 1944 so it’s like 4+4 is 8 and so on. So, we just have that number always present.”

They already knew it was meant to be with the property before closing the deal. “It’s a great feeling to have people, whether it’s a school trip from DPS (Denver Public Schools) or people on a getaway celebration, enter the doors here at the Majestic Lodge and fall in love with and appreciates it just as much as we did when we first saw it and still do.”

While managing in day-to-day operations, management oversight, accounting, bookkeeping, and billing for the vacation rental, Melissa also operates CBT Logistics. Founded by her in 2006, CBT has been providing customized solutions for various types of businesses and industries including military bases and government facilities, commercial offices, schools, and many more.  She is the oversight manager and point of contact for all clients and subcontractor services. Prior to founding the company, Melissa served for 21 years with the State of Colorado’s Department of Higher Education.

Ben is also owner and vice president of CBT Logistics and serves as manager and customer relations specialist. He has more than 17 years of experience in logistics and project management including 10-plus years of subcontractor, project and employee management experience. Additionally, he has 20 years of customer service experience. Ben served his country for eight years as a proud member of the United States Army at Fort Carson, earning both the Army Commendation Medal and the Outstanding Conduct award. He is a graduate of the 2019 SBA Emerging Leaders Colorado program, further adding to his business leadership skills and management capabilities.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or a getaway for you and your family during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Majestic Lodge is fully equipped to provide comfort and enjoyment. With around 6,700 square feet of usable space and adequate sleeping room for 21 people across six spacious bedrooms, the accommodations include six bathrooms, a Chef’s Kitchen, and a basement rec room, convenient for family gatherings, small events, and school or corporate retreats. It has updated smart-home features including Savant Software that operates the lighting, music, televisions, and networking so guests will always stay connected, a luxury high up in the mountains. The lodge has a stocked bar, JURA coffee system, pool table, foosball, and stand-alone video game system. Behind the lodge, guests can hop in two jetted tubs or the eight-person hot tub. On the spacious front deck, guests can enjoy relaxing around two fire pits.

“We’ve been very blessed and truly work hard to make sure our guests take full advantage of the features of the home and enjoy their stay. We’ve done some renovations since owning it, such as adding the vanities, and are looking forward to expanding the lodge and within the community,” said Ben.

Editor’s note: For more information and booking the Majestic Lodge, visit or by call 720-498-1552.