Former President Barack Obama Sends Special Message to Colorado Voters

With the most important election of our lifetime looming just three weeks from today, President Barack Obama is reminding all Coloradoans to get to the polls. The former president has launched an educational video to spotlight the voting options available to Colorado residents as we approach November 3, 2020.

“So much is at stake in this election — from getting the pandemic under control to building a fairer economy to taking on climate change to protecting our health care,” President Obama says in the video. “History shows that the easiest way to make sure that you and your friends vote is to make a plan. And when it comes to voting this year, having a plan has never been more important.”

The video, in collaboration with the Democratic National Committee, will be released online and distributed and amplified through all state coordinated campaigns, statewide campaigns, state parties, allied progressive organizations and key state-specific influencers. 

Coloradoans have several options when casting their ballot. They can vote early in-person starting on October 19; return their ballot by mail, in-person, or at an official drop box; or vote in-person on Election Day.

“Whether you vote by mail, vote early and in person, or vote in person on Tuesday, Nov. 3, thank you for going to I will and doing your part to protect this democracy and change this country for the better. Now get out there and vote,” Obama said.

The Denver Urban Spectrum is proud to support this get out the vote effort. For more information visit to learn more and make your plan to vote today!