In February, Denver Urban Spectrum featured two-time Super Bowl champion and member of the Denver Broncos Steller Ring of Fame Rod Smith who is now a diamond level distributor with Organo Gold Coffee, one of the largest direct sales network marketing businesses in the world. This month DUS will start highlighting successful local businesses in the Denver area. For our introductory profile, we are talking to Barry Overton who has also joined the industry of network marketing.

Name (age): Barry Overton 46 years of age

Past and/or present occupation: Former Denver Police Officer for 21 years for a total of 26 years in law enforcement; realtor with Sterling Real Estate Group.

City: Denver

Denver Urban Spectrum: Mr. Overton, tell us a little about your professional background.

Barry Overton:  In my 21 years with the Denver Police Department, I spent 17 years working narcotics. I have always exercised the entrepreneurial spirit. I have owned multiple traditional and network marketing businesses; owned or operated a security alarm company, a concert promotion business, as well as a barbeque catering business. I have been a realtor for the last 14 years and a distributor for Organo Gold for the last two years.  

DUS: Who introduced you to Organo Gold and what prompted you to become a distributor.

BO:  I was introduced to the business by Rod Smith in June of 2011, but I joined the business a year and a half later. I waited so long to get started, because I was looking at coffee as consumer. When I started looking it from a business perspective, I realized that even though I didn’t drink coffee, everyone around me was a coffee drinker. And, when I understood that this company had taken a 200 year old product and revolutionized it, I knew I could not miss out on this ground-breaking opportunity and wanted to be part of it.

DUS: What is your level as an OG distributor and what does that mean?

BO:  I am one of the leaders in the Denver Market. I am a Ruby Consultant, which means that I run a coffee business that does anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 in coffee revenue per month. I was able to achieve this level of sales in about a years’ time. I was working 75 hours a week as a police officer and a realtor. I had multiple moonlighting jobs that took up most of my time. I could have said “I don’t have the time to do this business. But, because I did not have the time, I knew this business would help me take my time back. I put in 10 hours per week into the business. After two months I was able to stop working the moonlighting jobs where I was making $35-$65 an hour. Nine months later, I retired 10 years early from a 6 figure income as a Denver Police Officer because of this business. This is something you can’t do in a traditional business. It usually takes three3 years for a traditional business to break even or make a profit. I made a 150 percent ROI on my first day in the business.    

DUS: What do you enjoy most about having a network marketing business?

BO: There are several things that I have really enjoyed about the business. First and foremost I love working for myself. I love the flexibility that the business has given me to work from home, and to also work when I want to. Being able to get paid literally while you sleep or while you are doing other things has been phenomenal. You can’t do that with a job, nor with 95 percent of traditional businesses. The best part has been developing new relationships, with like-minded entrepreneurs. I also love mentoring new distributors and teaching them how to create generational wealth. 

DUS: What would like DUS readers to know about network marketing and specifically Organo Gold?

BO: First and foremost, don’t be afraid of the network marketing industry. I have doctors, attorneys, financial advisors, and numerous other entrepreneurs on my team. The reason very successful people are joining us is because they see the proven success, and the ability to make exceptional income without having employees, overhead, and an excessive amount of invested time to make it work. Too many people have allowed their lack of understanding of this Industry scare them from creating their own wealth. I have a millionaire in the business that has helped some determined working class people, right here in Colorado, make multiple millions of dollars over the past five years. That was a clue for me – to simply follow the proven system that he helped to cement into place Colorado.  I think when you evaluate a company there are four factors that you must research. 1) The product must be something that is highly consumable and easy to sell. 2) You have to have leadership that is dedicated to your success. 3). There has to be a systematic method already in place that will create success for each and every person that applies it properly. 4) And finally, the compensation plan must payout handsomely. I was truly blessed to find all four of those components in this company a little over two years ago. So, I can say with confidence that anyone that becomes a part of our company is already in a position to WIN BIG when they take advantage of these four key factors.   

Editor’s note: If you would like more information on how you can become a distributor for Organo Gold or would like to become an Organo Gold coffee customer, call Bee Harris at 720-849-4197 ( or Barry Overton at 303-668-5433 or