UAE To Launch AI-Powered Digital Teachers To Support Students

UAE To Launch AI-Powered Digital Teachers To Support Students

strongThe Ameca humanoid robot greets visitors at Dubai's Museum of the Future, on October 11, 2022. The United Arab Emirates is fully embracing the new AI technology and wants to incorporate such tools within the education sector. KARIM SAHIB/AFP/GETTY IMAGES/strong

By Umesh Dahal

United Arab Emirates (UAE), one of the forerunners in new technology from the Middle East, is planning to use AI-powered digital teachers to contribute to the development of teaching methods and intends to deploy digital teachers powered by AI to help create teaching methods, says the UAE Minister of Education.

The minister, Ahmed Belhoul Al Falasi, declared that the national education system is preparing to include AI educators, as reported by Gulf Today.

“I was pleased to deliver the opening speech at the Future of Education Forum during the second day of the World Government Summit 2023, which comes within the framework of the Ministry of Education’s participation in it,” said Minister Al Falasi.

“Emphasizing the potential of AI, the first part of my introductory speech today was prepared using ChatGPT. While many are reluctant to include AI tools in education, I personally believe in the importance of adopting this technology.”

ChatGPT lettering is displayed on a mobile phone screen with OpenAI website in a background for illustration photo. Gliwice, Poland on February 21st, 2023. While many academic institutions around the world have banned ChatGPT, the UAE wants to integrate it into every aspect of the curriculum’s teaching-learning process. BEATA ZAWRZEL/GETTY IMAGES

Collaboration With Microsoft-OpenAI

ChatGPT has become synonymous with artificial intelligence, and now the developer of the popular chatbot OpenAI is tying up with the Ministry of Education of the UAE.

While some education systems are banning ChatGPT, UAE Minister of Education @ahmad_belhoul announced that UAE will integrate generative AI in its education system, to teach students how to harness the technology of the future. 

Panelists from all other countries agreed.

— Hadi Partovi (@hadip) February 14, 2023

“We are also pleased to announce a partnership between the Ministry of Education and Microsoft OpenAI to integrate the latest AI technologies into the education sector in the country,” said Minister Al Falasi.

“The integration of the digital teacher supported by artificial intelligence in the educational system contributes to the development of teaching methods to suit students’ academic performance and their style of receiving information.”

While many academic institutions are banning ChatGPT, the UAE is planning to make it a staple of the teaching-learning process within the curriculum.

Metaverse Medical Exams

The UAE has already announced the launch of a metaverse for specialists and consultants to give examinations and interviews remotely.

As reported previously, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has declared that the metaverse will be leveraged to support medical exams of healthcare professionals such as consultants and healthcare specialists.

“For example, if the doctor is in Australia or any other country, and we have three examiners in different locations in UAE, they all will log in to the metaverse and start the exam.

“The three doctors in the UAE will be in their own healthcare facilities, but they will be together as panellists in the metaverse,” explained Dr Amin Hussein AL Amiri, assistant undersecretary for the MoHAP.

Following The Buzzwords?

In recent times, the UAE has been aggressively adopting new technology in order to attract foreign investors.

IN FILE – A visitor browses books on a shelf while another films with a phone at the newly-opened Mohammed Bin Rashid library (MBRL) in Dubai on June 16, 2022. – The design incorporates technology and artificial intelligence to make the library as accessible including robots to help visitors and an electronic book retrieval system. GIUSEPPE CACACE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Khalfan Belhoul, CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation, said the country “is really focusing on embracing the brand-new technology of artificial intelligence” in response to Dubai One.

“We need to understand the future challenges; we understand that AI is going to play a massive role; we understand the value of data; we understand the metaverse world,” said Belhoul, highlighting the “unification of policies” and that all “should sing the same song to send a message to the world.”


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