Denver Urban Spectrum Seeks Participation for New Podcast Network

By Ruby Jones

Denver Urban Spectrum has remained dedicated to spreading the news about people of color throughout front-range communities, playing a vital role in local reporting and event advertisement for 35 years. 

Looking ahead to the future of digital communication and community engagement, the Black-owned company is excited to announce the launch of an innovative new podcast endeavor that will revolutionize its media offerings and add to an award-winning legacy.

The ETN Network Podcast is “Expanding the Narrative” while helping Denver’s residents and visitors form deeper connections to local events. In addition to showcasing a full calendar of attractions and activities with advertising partners, the new podcast will feature interviews with public figures, business leaders, and entertainers whose work directly impacts Colorado’s communities of color. 

After embarking on a journey of immersive technical training and mentorship with the Social Proof Podcast’s famed podcasting expert and entrepreneur, David Shands, the newsroom is poised to expand its audience and impact to new horizons. 

In preparation for this digital transformation, Denver Urban Spectrum is extending an opportunity for collaboration and participation to entertainers, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a message to share. If you are: 

A business owner with unique services and offerings to showcase

A naturally inquisitive person with great stage presence and interview skills

An up-and-coming artist or performer 

An inspiring person with a story to tell

…we want to connect with you! 

Denver Urban Spectrum is thankful for your continued support and invites you to subscribe to the Denver Urban Spectrum channel on YouTube, where the ETN Network Podcast will feature fresh, culturally relevant coverage of current events, entertainment news, and programming dedicated to wellness, the arts, business and finance.

This podcast endeavor is an exciting opportunity for advertising and affiliate partnerships in a rapidly growing digital market. Please direct all podcast participation inquiries and interview requests to