Rolling with the Doc

How do I protect myself and my family from COVID-19? What about: a Second Wave? Reinfection? Travel? Sex?

With people of color experiencing a higher death rate from COVID-19 than any other ethnic group in America, virologist, trauma surgeon, and chief medical officer of SRS Inc. Dr. Lane Rolling is offering ways to return to work and school more safely. Dr. Rolling, a certified chemical and biological warfare expert who is dedicated to saving lives and eradicating the coronavirus, is making an urgent call for change by speaking truth to power. His mission is driven by his passion to change today’s COVID-19 statistics to create a brighter tomorrow.

Often called the Black Dr. Fauci, Dr. Rolling’s grassroots efforts include travelling across the country and appearing in virtual town halls and meetings to speak and educate organizations and businesses about COVID-19 and how they can protect themselves from the impending second wave of virus cases. As the Director of TPaIDA Clinical Field Medicine Bio Research International, he conducted research in tropical and infectious diseases for approximately 14 years in Peru and worked extensively with native Peruvian shamans to find new drugs.

“This virus is not going away,” Rolling said on a recent podcast with Community Podcaster Sandra “Queenie” Mclean, who recently lost her father to the coronavirus. “The SARS COVID virus has changed our lives forever. The virus is endemic. The second wave will be a game changer, and we all need to prepare ourselves and protect our families.”

 “Dr. Rolling is a profound teacher in the arena of medicine and information as it relates to virology and more importantly COVID-19 and the various protocols for keeping our communities safe,” said Queenie. “More people could benefit from Dr. Rolling and the wealth of knowledge he possesses. And he is such a `straight shooter’ with his information. He speaks to you on a level where you can understand it. Dr. Rolling makes it make sense.”

In June, Dr. Rolling became the chief medical officer of SRS (Systems Ready Solutions) Inc., a Tennessee-based, minority-owned corporation providing disaster response services. All of the corporate leadership positions of SRS are held by African Americans.

Dr. Rolling was featured on the cover of Denver Urban Spectrum (DUS) in August 2020. Most recently, he has appeared on MSNBC and the Black News Channel, and is featured in “Real Life Hero’s doing this Pandemic,” a global 10-minute film about opportunity, hope and survival.

This month, DUS presents a new Q&A column, “Rolling with the Doc.” Each month Dr. Rolling will answer questions about COVID-19.

Dear Doc: What constitutes a second wave? – Just Asking, Atlanta, GA

Dear Just Asking: When the cases in the primary wave decrease, and then when you have a secondary increase in cases in unexposed populations, that constitutes a second wave; and consequently, is part of the pandemic infection.

Dear Doc: My son is 28 years old and got COVID-19 for the first time in January. He has asthma and had bad symptoms; he suffered with breathing issues. His father, who is a respiratory therapist, gave him treatments and he recovered well. He just returned from Cancun and tested positive again for COVID-10 with very little symptoms. Is it possible for him to come down with COVID-19 a third time?

Concerned Mother… Los Angeles, CA

Dear Mother: Yes, a person can be exposed a second and third time with a SARS COVID Virus. There is known confer immunity to the SARS COVID virus family. It is important that your son who has asthma does not have asthmatic triggers in his home such as bleach, chlorine, Lysol, or any disinfectant that is a chemical irritant. He will need to have a non-toxic disinfectant cleaning solution like SRS ProGuardeum. 

Dear Doc: I am a grandmother of teenagers and have read that Vitamins A, C, and D3, in addition to zinc lozenges, are all important for everyone to take to boost your immune system. What other advice do you have for teenagers (and younger people) for safety precautions and preventive measures that they will understand and follow as we enter this second wave of COVID-19?

Worried Granny… Denver, CO

Dear Grandma: First and foremost, it is important for the young population to understand that this virus is not going away. They also need to understand the importance of basic biosafety protocols such as wearing a mask, washing their hands with antiseptic hand wash, and using antiseptic hand sanitizers. They should not wear shoes in the house, and should have a situational awareness when they are around a lot of people. We know youth are restless and tired of this pandemic, but these are basic biosafety protocols we recommend they follow for personal protection. They should also use mini bio-decontamination units for personal protection when out in the general public. This device will allow them to disinfect all areas around them and be smart in a pandemic world.

Dear Doc: My husband and I often take road trips and will be traveling again soon to visit elderly family members, specifically his parents who are in their 80’s. They live more than 1,800 miles away. What are the best safety measures we should take while traveling over the road, including when taking breaks in hotels? And most importantly, how can we be safe around family members once we reach our destination?

Two Cheerful Travelling Road DogsMontbello, CO

Dear Cheerful Dogs: Traveling the roads to visit your relatives is safe. The most important thing is having situational awareness of your environment. When you are at a gas station – make sure you decontaminate the gas pump handle. When using the bathroom – make sure you disinfect your hands and the bottom of your shoes before you get back into your vehicle. Most hotels should have great safety biosecurity protocols, but ask at the front desk about what their bio safety protocols in the hotel are. They should be able to tell you and you should feel comfortable there. When making a reservation online now, it is customary for hotels to say they have great safety protocols for their guests. When you visit your family members, check and ask if any one is sick or recovering from COVID-19. Make sure that you wear a mask and wash your hands with antiseptic hand wash and hand sanitizer on a continual basis. I recommend you get a mini bio-decontamination unit from SRS. Have a great trip and enjoy life in this is the new norm!

Dear Doc: I live on the first floor of a three-story building in my apartment complex. My vents are in the ceiling and on the wall near the ceiling. With winter approaching, heat will be circulating which is concerning for me. Is it possible for the virus to travel and enter my apartment through the vents from apartments on the second and/or third floors?  If so, what can I do to eliminate or diminish the possibility of the virus entering my living space? 

Confined Living Quarters …Green Valley Ranch, CO

Dear Confined: The most important thing that you can do to protect yourself while living in an apartment building is to get an air filtration unit for your personal use. My recommendation is the Molekule Air Filtration Unit, which has the ability to kill SARS COVID virus, influenza, and other viruses that are airborne. It can also kill bacteria and other microorganisms. When purchasing, use the code DRROLLING.

Dear Doc: I am a single, healthy man who wants to stay that way, but I have not had sex since February 14 on Valentine’s Day. Since COVID-19 erupted, I personally feel very uncomfortable just even thinking about kissing a woman with the possibility that it could be the kiss of death. What are your suggestions for having safe sex during this time when touching is supposed to be avoided?

Loveless and Lonely Aurora, CO

Dear Lonely: Good news! You can have sex and also have a very healthy, romantic relationship with an individual during this pandemic. The most important thing is understanding and knowing the person. Ask the questions! Have you had the virus? Do you have a have a temperature and/or cough? Have you been tested for the virus? If you really feel that nervous about it, it’s always good and safe to wear protective prophylactic when having sex, make sure you wash your hands, and take a shower. Make sure that you get this individual a box of strawberries and chocolate, and they will love you. Let me know the outcome.

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