Can you raise your hand if you promised yourself that you would eat healthier and exercise at the beginning of the year and fell off the wagon?
 Well you are not alone. This is true for many people, and by the time June comes around, we have forgotten what we said. We all have something about our bodies that we want to improve and while we might slip up every now and then, the good news is that we can start again…and again. It’s never too late to start over and reclaim your goals; you just need to make the decision to do it…every single day.
Staying motivated to achieve your goals to eat well and exercise is not an easy task.  There will always seemingly be something more important you want to do besides exercise, and there’s always something salty or sweet that your taste buds crave. There is never a perfect time to get back on track, since you will probably always be busy and as we all know, time seems to speed up as we age.
Motivation levels tend to come and go and as a result, we need to make a decision every day to stay on track with our goals. Read the tips below to stay motivated this month:
Set small, attainable goals that will support a larger goal. For example – I will consume one more serving of a fruit or vegetable every day this week.  In a few weeks you will have reached the goal of eating the recommended amount of 5-servings in one day. Keep in mind that you are not perfect and there will be days where you have a setback, but reset and reclaim the goal. Another example: Drink one more glass of water each day to reach a goal of eight per day.
Keep an exercise and food journal. Doing this is extremely useful and helpful to track how much you are eating since it is easy to forget small bites that we take here and there throughout the day.  Those small bites tend to add up to big calories so it’s a good idea to keep track.  You can try a hand-written journal or go digital and track your food and fitness from your computer or your smartphone. You can call it “My Diet and Fitness Diary for June” and it will support you to stay motivated this month.
Try to eat something every two to three hours to keep your metabolism up and also to make sure you don’t get too hungry and make bad food choices you will regret later.  
Don’t allow set-backs to keep you from working hard toward achieving your goal. Remember that there is always another day coming tomorrow so you can start again.  Stay motivated and keep your goals in writing to refer to if you get off track. Get help from an accountability partner or a personal trainer to help you with your goals..
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