Most people know me as the fitness guru or Mr. Rudy of R-U-A PRO FITNESS. I frequently get flattering compliments from both men and women about my physical appearance and how good I look for my age.  And in return, I always say thank you. Little do they know I feel better spiritually and mentally than how I look.
Since my recovery in 2000 with my personal bout with chemical dependency, I’ve never been sick or taken any prescribed medication. God has given all of us spiritual gifts and talents and many of us have tapped into them. I am using the gift of exhortation to help people improve their quality of life.
In early 2015, I was training for my participation in the Rocky Mountain Senior Games which is held every year in Greeley, Colorado where I hold a few records in my 60-64-year-old age group. While training, I noticed a sharp pain in my lower back and went to my primary care physician to find out what was causing it. He diagnosed it as a muscle strain, and rest would help heal it. A few months went by and the pain persisted so I went to my doctor again at which time an MRI was ordered.
The day after the MRI examination, I received a call from the doctor advising me to come to the office that day. Upon my arrival with my wife Elissa, I was expecting to be told that I had a lower back problem stemming from my athletic days. WRONG!
The look in the doctor’s eyes and the tone of his voice delivered a totally different message as he said, “You have cancer in your spine and bone marrow.” My first thoughts ranged from not me because I’ve done everything to make sure that I was healthy – it was just a bad joke – who is going to take care of my wife and children to how long do I have to live? The room was silent and my dearest friend, my wife said, “We will get through this.”
After visiting the oncologist and having a bone biopsy performed – the news didn’t get any better. The diagnosis was I had Multiple Myeloma and it was in over 70 percent of the bone marrow in my body and at high risk or stage 4.
According to, multiple
myeloma is a rare type of blood cancer. It starts in your bone marrow (the spongy tissue inside bones). This is where your body makes blood cells, including a certain type called plasma cells. These cells can grow out of control and crowd out the normal, healthy ones in your bone marrow. When they build up, they form a tumor. The name “multiple myeloma” means there is more than one tumor.
Things that make your risk go up include:
•Age. Most people with multiple
myeloma are 45 or older. More than half are 65 or older.
•Race. The disease is
nearly twice as common in African-Americans.
•Being male. It’s slightly more common in men.
•Being overweight.
•Other family members may have had multiple
You’ve had another plasma cell disease
After a few weeks of being totally depressed and dealing with the chemotherapy treatments, I decided to fight back the only way I knew how and that was to continue to help others. I didn’t miss a class at the Zion Senior Center, Sable Ridge Residences, with our personal training clients or with the organizations we volunteer for. I have always remembered to put God first, then family and to help others.
I found out that keeping a positive attitude, lots of prayer, good eating habits, exercise, a great reduction in chemo treatments, holistic health modalities and a great support system from my wife and children, I felt better about myself.
In early January of
2016 I was inducted into my high school Athletic Hall of Fame in Cincinnati Ohio and that was a feel good moment. After I returned home I had my second bone biopsy to find out the status of the cancer. A week later I visited the oncologist for my results. She came into the room with a big smile on her face and in sheer amazement said, “You are in total and complete remission” and I said, “Thank You Jesus”!
After only five months of being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I was cancer free and remain cancer free to this day. I’ve continued my journey to help others as Christ did.
closing I want to leave you with this message: Pease listen to your body, manage your health, trust in the Lord and help others. You never know when someone is going to need you.

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