Angels may not come when you call them, but they’ll always be there when you need them.
­-Author Unknown

When you meet Angel Nixon, you quickly realize her beauty and humour transcends three continents. She was born in Ghana, West Africa, where she went to school and worked in the fields. After graduation from college she worked as a secretary for a couple of years. Later, she became a policewoman, serving for a number of years before deciding that travelling was next on the list so she travelled throughout Africa.

Like many people, it took Angel sometime to find her true passion. In her early 30s, she decided to become an aesthetician so she could help women who had been using dangerous chemicals on their face and body to beautify themselves. Realizing that dream, Angel migrated to England where she worked as a secretary to put herself through an aesthetic college. After graduation, she worked in spas until she was able to pursue the dream of owning her own business. She opened her first beauty clinic in East London which led to opening another clinic in Central London.

After establishing two successful businesses, Angel met and fell in love with an American from Denver. Nine years ago, she sold her two businesses and moved to join her husband in the Mile Hi City Denver. Once here, Angel went through the U.S certificate verification process and received her aesthetician licence in Colorado and began introducing to the Denver area the innovative computerised VIP Body Systems she used in the United Kingdom for 12 years.

“It’s not just about looking good – it’s about health and wellness,” Nixon explains about EuroSlim Centre, her clinic that specializes in modern slimming/weight loss and anti-aging techniques that focus on overall health. She says, “The LectroGym system works for both men and women with their desire to reduce body size and lose weight. Through the use of small electronic pads, the muscles are stimulated through a unique movement that creates a contraction and stimulation much like a crunch. In addition, a squeezing and wringing out effect is produced that enables the rapid elimination of fluids and soluble substances in the treated area. This muscular workout also stimulates the metabolic process and immediately starts to burn carbohydrates and fat. A 30 minute session is like exercising for four hours.”

In addition to losing weight on various body areas, this equipment can also help to reduce back pain and aches.

Health and wellness goes skin deep. Angel’s Bio-Skin Resurfacing Technology is an advance version of microdermabrasion in which an infrared light heals the surface skin immediately. “By the time the process is completed, all the redness is gone and you are left with none of the irritation that sometimes is a side effect of microdermabrasion,” she says. “In other words, you won’t have a glowing sunburn appearance when you leave. When used all over the face and neck, you come away with an even color tone without the patchiness that can occur with spot treatments.”  She added, “It stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration process and provides overall rejuvenation. I want people to look and feel good,” she says. “We don’t want to just cover up the marks.  We want to remove the marks, minimise pore size, firm and tighten the skin so clients feel comfortable without makeup.”

EuroSlim’s Bio-Skin Resurfacing process includes the stimulation of the facial muscles, which work to reduce deep wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines and gets rid of active acne and the marks it leaves behind. In addition, sagging jaws and double chins are tightened, while swelling and bags under the eyes are reduced when used together with a collagen facelift mask. To support the achievements obtained through using the systems, a wide range of products are available to use at home.

Next is Angel’s Parafango system which begins with exfoliating the whole body to start the detoxification process by applying an AHA Amino Serum for cellulite and Crème Amino Firm for weight loss followed by layers of Parafango mineral-rich sea mud containing healing ingredients before wrapping the body in a warm Infrared blanket.  This treatment works on the lymphatic and helps drain the lymph and fats from the body naturally and allows weight loss two to seven pounds in just one session.

Many people seeking ways to reduce cellulite and to eliminate the unwanted dimples that sometimes decorate the body on the thighs and butt can experience a breakthrough with Angel’s EuroSlim Cellutronic cellulite removal equipment.  It uses a combination of long infrared with deep electronic tissue stimulation to start a natural process of releasing trapped body fluids in the fat cells and the connective tissues of the affected areas to breakdown cellulite fat cells. Angel says, “A block of treatments is recommended to achieve lasting results.”

EuroSlim Centre, weight loss and day spa offers a number of services to accommodate clients’ busy lifestyles. Clients can experience healing and relaxation from aromatherapy massage sessions that Angel says she provides personally.  She says using her Infrared Sauna before the massage is extremely healthy.

These and other services and products are available to help with weight loss and overall health. The most effective product is the Weight Loss Drops where clients can lose a pound a day when followed with a healthy eating program. Angel says, “I coach on best diet and to incorporate into individual eating habits and lifestyles. She recently added to her program, Ionic foot detox – a toxin removal for whole body cleanse.

Her newest treatment, the Universal Contour Wrap Spa, is a body wrap that Angel has dubbed as a “no-more-liposuction.” After a visit for free consultation, clients will learn what treatments are best to achieve their desired results.

She explains that a combination with Cavi-Lipo treatment for natural sculpting, face a body, works to dissolve cellulite and reduce body circumference with skin tightening effect, without surgery. Angel guarantees the loss of at least six inches in just two hours. “I want to help others discover a ‘new you’ so they can be confident and put their best foot forward. And most important, it’s not just about looking good, it’s also about getting healthy.”

Editor’s note: For a free consultation, more information on the affordable treatments, or a free consultation with session of LectroGym, visit or call Angel at 303-997-6601. EuroSlim Centre and spa is located at 155 Cook St. Ste. #100, Cherry Creek, Denver CO 80206. Free parking available.