The 2015 Ignite International Convention can be summed up in just three words: History. Was. Made. During its seven-year history, Organo has never witnessed anything like what transpired in Los Angeles on August 28-30.
Organo Gold started with an extraordinary cup of coffee in 2008 in Richmond, B.C., Canada, in a small shop with only three employees. In just two short years, it became one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world.

Organo’s world class leadership consists of three strong gurus with one powerful vision.

When CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua began Organo Gold, he was already a successful businessman. What made this new venture unique was that it was born out of his vision and commitment to bringing the ancient Chinese herb known as Ganoderma to the rest of the world.

It’s widely believed that no one has sold more Ganoderma infused products than Organo’s Co-Founder and Global Master Distributor Shane Morand. His ability to motivate and develop leaders all over the world has been a blueprint for many of Organo Gold’s top distributors and has helped the company expand into six continents. His vision and passion have been instrumental in helping Organo become one of the most admired network marketing companies in the world.

Executive Vice President of International Sales Holton Buggs’ in-depth knowledge of network marketing was a driving force behind the wide variety of complementary Organo Gold products. His network marketing expertise helps enable the distributors to work with the system to build successful businesses.

Former Denver Bronco and two-time Super Bowl Champion Rod Smith was part of the founding members and brought the company to Colorado. After his seven years of involvement with the company, he says, “The best time to take a really serious look at ORGANO is right now. The company has a proven product (coffee), system, and leadership. If you are tired of working everyday to end up owning nothing, come build you something your family gets to keep. Give us 1 percent of your trust and we will earn the other 99 percent.”

The convention opened with a spectacular fire show with international island dancers and fireworks. And with a boom the Ignite Organo Gold International Convention was underway. The 2014 Queen and King of Coffee, Casey Nilsen and Maiyasit Swangthammarat crowned the 2015 Queen and King of Coffee, Lilia Bautista and Carlos Oestby and then introduced the “Three Amigos” – Bernardo Chua, Shane Morand and Holton Buggs.

During his welcome address, Philippines-born Chua, who was the youngest of 14 children, called the one million OG distributors his family members as well, and recalled his goal for starting the business. “This is what I am going to do – give back to the distributors,” he said with passion and sincerity. This is a testament to the Organo principles of “Loyalty, Unity and Edification.” And true to its commitment, Organo gives back and edifies. Along with Morand and Buggs, Chua recognized the new OG Diamonds with the “Knighting of the Diamonds” ceremony – truly a sight to behold. 

More than 12,000 people packed the Los Angeles Convention Center to listen to inspirational speakers, learn about new products, and network with fellow distributors from numerous countries including Mexico, Nigeria, Italy, Kenya, Peru, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Spain, Japan, Jamaica, Canada, Haiti, and the UK.

Recognition was powerful – from One Star Achievers to Crown Ambassadors and everyone in between including 6-, 12-, 18-, 21-, 23-, and Super Star Achievers, Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds. All walked the stage and everyone with achievement was recognized as part of the OG Nation. 

Special category recognition went to Top Achiever Lilia Bautista and to Beatrice Seu from Kenya for the Rookie of the Year. Leader of the Pack, who was the highest earner, went to Jose Ardon and the Star Achiever Award went to John and Blanca Sachtouras. Three hundred Seas the Moment Top Achievers were honored including Denver’s own Diamond Rod Smith and Ruby Barry Overton. Top Financial Achievers were recognized that also included Overton. A special award was presented to Josie Morand in memory of Blue Diamond, Rene Ikeola who lost her life to cancer last year. 

In addition to Morand and Buggs, speakers were vast and diverse – all inspiring and educational. Philippines-born Lilia Bautista, a mother of 12 children and several grandchildren, was the first women Crown Diamond in the organization, stressed the importance on how women should do their best to care for their children and family. Newcomer Beatrice Seu from Kenya shared her plans to build her business to become Crown Ambassador.  Diamond Thommaso Alasi from Italy said his journey has been a dream come true and hopes to fulfill as many dreams as he can for others.

The OG family is more than the one million international distributors. Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao recently added yet another milestone to his storied career by becoming an OG Diamond. Greg Norman is Organo Gold’s Global Brand Ambassador and brings with him a very distinguished history as one of the greatest golfers of all time. The Napoleon Hill Foundation agreed that Organo’s Independent Distributors could benefit from the 13 principles from Think and Grow Rich, by renowned author Napoleon Hill, as the book that elevated mindsets for success. Organo Gold donates all proceeds from the sales of the Collector’s Edition of Think and Grow Rich to fund the work of the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Special guest speaker Dr. J. B. Hill, grandson of Napoleon Hill, talked about determining your Definite Major Purpose, who also took time to autograph books for convention-goers.

The new GOLD magazine was available which featured The Three Amigas – Adeline Chua, Josie Morand and Earlene Buggs on the cover, with profiles of each of the wives who shared where their hearts lie with Organo. As a core pillar of Organo Gold, Chua is still a fixture at both Organo Gold’s Global headquarters and Organo global events. Earlene Buggs is the brainchild of the Women Who Win annual luncheon which is held exclusively for women and designed to empower, engage and embolden the female distributors. And Josie Morand is one of the founding board members of the OG Cares Foundation. A highlight of the convention was the OG Cares Day and the gala. Distributors, who volunteered for OG Cares Day, served food, painted houses, tended gardens and pulled weeds. The black tie gala raised $87,000 to support at-risk children around the world.

There could not be a convention without OG training and before winding down the convention, Morand coached the attendees on Zones and the newly released business mobile App. 

Two panels of experts provided tips and advice on how to expand and grow your business. Hosted by Blue Diamonds Casey Nilsen and Edwin Haynes, advice ranged from dressing professionally to trusting your mentor; from becoming a coach to having the right attitude; and from being motivated to learning and developing proper skills.

As an integral participant at the Convention, Casey Nilsen, who lives in Loveland, Colorado, says “Major events give people an opportunity to challenge the status quo and improve their circumstances. By gaining new associations and perspectives, people receive the emotional impact that supports creating lasting change. The convention had a positive impact on thousands of families, and I believe that a small determined group of people on a mission can change the world for the better. Organo is doing it one cup of coffee at a time.

The entire convention was inspirational, but the presentation of the Eagle Award was nothing short of spectacular. The Eagle Award is the launching pad and must be earned before taking a place alongside OG’s Elite. After a moving speech by Holton Buggs, Morand and Buggs presented the Eagle Award to the new Sapphires to the backdrop of an eagle soaring and the sounds of “I Believe I Can Fly.” Denver’s John Brand was among the new Sapphires to receive the award earning the qualities of fearlessness, vision and leadership. 

On receiving his Eagle at the recent convention, Brand said, “Achieving the rank of Sapphire Consultant in Organo has been a mile stone on my professional journey. I have heard stories of individuals doing some pretty remarkable things in short periods of time, which I used to think was possible. Having done it, I now see that there is truth in what I have heard.”

Closing out the convention, Buggs told the moving story about Paulino who was from a third world country and was living with his family of 14 in a one-room shack, with no running water or electricity. The family was evicted and lived in a tent. The only thing that saved Paulino and his family was his Organo business and his sachets of gourmet coffee. Standing on stage with Buggs dressed in a business suit, Paulino who recently became a Ruby consultant said that his family now lives in a big house with running water and electricity.

Since 2008, Organo has changed many lives from around the world and ignited even more at the recent convention. And all because it’s easy, it’s simple, it’s coffee.

Editor’s note:  For more information on Organo, call Bee Harris at 303-638-9126, email, or visit http://bizziebee.myorganogold. com/. 


New Branding, Logos, Publications, Products and Apps

  • Within minutes of the event kicking off and presented with fireworks and a motivational video, convention attendees became the first people to witness the brand new logo and branding from Organo Gold to Organo – Taste the Gold by Brandon Scott.
  • Five new products were introduced during the Convention. The Brewing Cups line doubled in size over the weekend as five new flavors were unveiled: Colombian Roast – Authentic Gourmet Coffee Blend; Te Amô – Decaf Gourmet Blend; Raspberry Cacaò – Gourmet Coffee Blend; Rodéo Chai – Gourmet Spiced Tea Blend; and African Red – Rooibos Sweet Tea Blend
  • This year’s GOLD magazine, Organo’s biggest and most anticipated annual publication featured a women-centric focus and is the first publication to showcase the company’s new logo and branding. The largest recognition section in GOLD Magazine history is included, featuring exclusive interviews with Sapphires, Crown Ambassadors, and everyone in between.
  • One of the most important updates for the company was the new back office Organo Mobile App for distributors and how to build, track, and work an Organo Business both on the go and in the palm of your hand.
  • A brand new incentive program was introduced that will give OG’s best business builders the opportunity to spend four days and three nights in the world’s most magical kingdom, Disney World.


Denver Colorado Recognition

Star Achievers

Karen and Slade Atkins – 1

Rosalind J. Harris – 1

Al and Rose Powell – 1

Caroline Price – 1 

Shirley Thomas – 1

Jeremy Wallace – 1

Robert McGuire – 6

Tanisha Gomez – 12

Michele Wheeler – 12

JuJuan Scott-Peterson – 18

Marchella Scott – 18

Eve Evans – 21

John Brand – 23

May Tram – 23

Dr. Shirley Turner

Barry Overton – 24

Rod Smith – 24


Super Star Achiever

John Brand

Barry Overton

JuJuan Peterson

Marchella Scott

Rod Smith

Dr. Shirley Turner

New Sapphire

John Brand

Organo Top 300 Producers Worldwide

Rod Smith

Barry Overton