The true measure of a healthy person includes their way of dealing with emotions. Our emotions are a very powerful influencer of our mental and physical health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the emotions are given the attention they deserve as major influencers of the internal climate of an individual. Emotions affect the way internal organs perform their tasks as well as affecting metabolism, nerves, hormones, and immune functions. Emotions have such a strong influence on our health that they can cause the elevation of blood pressure, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and many other health problems are directly or indirectly related to emotional imbalances.

In particular, anger is an extremely powerful emotion and deserves singular awareness. Anger – when repressed – can literally create an implosion within our bodies in the form of ischemic issues and inflammatory conditions, elevated blood pressure and so forth. Chronic anger undoubtedly contributes to the development of chronic diseases.

I see this pattern expressed everyday in my clinic. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is the organ corresponding to anger and is the first and most affected organ by this emotion. When anger is in excess or chronic, the imbalance will be a major factor in the development of many disease patterns. Suppressing anger can lead to a hyperactive sympathetic nervous system – meaning you are in a flight, fright, fight mode too often and you become stuck there emotionally and energetically. This will ultimately create more severe disease over time.

Resentment and bitterness are also significant parts of this pattern of behavior. Holistic medicine teaches that to truly cure disease, you must treat all aspects of the human biome. As humans, we are actually a universe that encompasses many different types of cellular communities, parasites, bacteria, viruses (both good and bad). And all of these microorganisms have intelligence. Therefore, you must be careful what you communicate to each cell of your body because they store information like miniature computers! You want the right information to be positive and healthy as much as possible.

To be truly healthy, we must not only detoxify our bodies, but also our minds and emotions. There are many methods for doing this – both ancient and contemporary – but it takes consistent, hard work. One must be fully committed to becoming aware and conscious of his/her faults, reactions, attachments, prejudices, fears, and emotional triggers. Meditation and deep contemplation are a couple of methods used and there are many styles to choose from; and you will only need one or two. A good psychologist can help as well as a wise spiritual mentor. The bottom line is: you will progress at clearing your anger only when you put in the work. Otherwise, you will die with it!

When we work to develop our highest expression of self all of the people who are closest to us also receive immediate benefit and ultimately we improve our world – both macrocosmic and microcosmic. We need to break the cycle of emotional diseases in our families and communities, so that the next generations can truly be free.

To assist with your detox and resolution of anger, include drinking purified water frequently; eat plenty of fruits and green, leafy vegetables. Meditate daily and be still and quiet whenever you can to calm your nerves. Drink chamomile tea, use lavender essential oil and pray often.

Remember: In order to resolve anger you must forgive yourself and others. When you forgive someone you are not condoning their behavior, you are “freeing” yourself by “letting go” of this negative emotion. When you hold on to anger, bitterness or resentment, you are victimizing yourself. No one is to blame for that except you!

One Love …

Editor’s note: Dr. S. Abayomi Meeks is the founder of the Moyo Healing & Cultural Center, a 24-year Colorado institution. He has been in practice for more than 27 years with more than 28,000 treatments. For more information, call 303-377-2511, visit or email