The old adage, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach is still alive and well.  It is also the way to reach the heart of a community. The 2nd annual 100 Men Who Cook black tie gala fundraiser being held Nov. 29 at the Crowne Plaza DIA Convention Center has gained the support of gentlemen chefs throughout the community. Being billed by organizer’s president, Chuck Moss as “the premier black tie event in Denver,” the 100 Men Who Cook is preparing to receive 1,000 guests this year. Moss states, “We believe this is being so well received because of the benefitting organizations. It’s a party with a purpose. We are inviting the entire community to join this year’s Honorary Chairman, Mayor Michael B. Hancock, and Event Chairman, Jerome Davis, Regional Vice President, Xcel Energy, to come out and support a worthy cause.”

The fundraiser is benefiting three local organizations: The Struggle of Love Foundation, the Colorado Starlites Drum & Drill Team, and the Jazz C.A.F.É. (Cultivating A Future of Excellence). Each of these groups fit the mission of the 100 Men Who Cook, “to assist grassroots non-profit community organizations, whose focus is the support, education, and development of youth, by raising operating capital to sustain their goals and objectives.”

The Jazz C.A.F.E. is an innovative youth music program created to positively impact youth in the Denver metropolitan area. It is designed to offer youth an opportunity to master the music genre of jazz, and to gain valuable leadership skills. Following students from grades 6 through 12, the Jazz C.A.F.E. is a very exciting venture bringing together entities that have a genuine concern for youth in the community. Jeffrey Young, Music Director, states, “For most of us, music may only be seen as a source of entertainment that increases relaxation.  Children however, can respond to rhythm, learn to play a musical instrument and most importantly, they can be motivated to tap into their creativity.”

The Colorado Starlites were founded in 1981 and directed by then 16 year old Teresa (Barnes) Page. One of many purposes of the Colorado Starlites is to promote positive reinforcement and discipline in youth. They exist to establish a foundation in young people in the community and set a precedence of determination and excellence that will extend far beyond their youth. Benefits from the gala will help purchase uniforms, equipment and instruments for the group.

The Struggle of Love Foundation, Recipient of the Colorado Fatherhood Council’s 2013 Program of the year, was established in 2008. SOL was created by Joel & LaKeshia Hodge to provide community awareness, involvement and social activities, for the poor and underprivileged individuals. SOL offers alternatives to those with limited opportunities that may not qualify for any other community based assistance programs.

The 100 men recruited to serve as chefs are mostly men who enjoy cooking or have one dish they prepare for special occasions. There are several professional chefs sprinkled throughout the array of doctors, artists, judges, politicians, personal trainers and every occupation you can think of. Ann Williams, Chair of the Host/Hostess Committee said, “On Nov. 29, it will be raining cooking men!”

“This year a casino has been added to enhance the experience for our guests, said Moss. Our signature color is red. Continuous entertainment will feature national recording artists Surface and a DJ. We’re extremely excited.”

This year’ gala sponsors include Ballard Family Mortuary, Denver Urban Spectrum, Jammin 101.5 FM radio and Urbandwellers.

Editor’s note: For more information and to contact the 100 Men Who Cook call 800-998-5984 or email info