What an alarming title. You think it’s too extreme? Then answer me this: What do you do with 45 million obsolete African people in America? What do you do when the jobs they once did are now handled by machines or migrant workers? What happens when outsourcing is more profitable than ‘Made in America?’ What do you do with people who are no longer necessary for the operation of the America’s global money machine? Probably the same thing you do with the evidence from any crime: you get rid of it. We are the evidence of the biggest get-rich-quick scheme in world history, which was the transatlantic slave trade.

Now, this extermination would have to be gradual since we contribute 1.1 trillion dollars to the American economy. It’s best to pick off the poorest people first, since they contribute the least money to the aforementioned figure. Then, find new ways to profit from them outside of consumer society, perhaps a corporate prison structure to exploit their captive labor. Concentrate the police force up to six times more in their neighborhoods in order to increase the captures for said corporate prison structure.  Cultivate a new class of poor people to replace them in the American socio-economic order. Pit African people against the growing Brown population, who are willing to do near slave-labor jobs abandoned by Blacks decades ago.   

Next, you would beef-up the police force in every city. Recruit adrenaline-junky soldiers to your police force, fresh off of tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Give them surplus military supplies to prepare for any armed conflict that may result from your violent oppression of the people. Fix the legal system in order to remove consequences for any officer that commits murder in the line of duty. 

Finally, have an upper class of Blacks who collaborate with the program. Make them stakeholders and beneficiaries of the status quo. Make it uncomfortable and inconvenient to speak out on behalf of their brethren being nakedly and unquestionably brutalized. You cannot have a takeover without an inside man, so why not use the elite? Whether it is an African slave trader, government official, a financial investor, or a good ol’ fashioned stool pigeon, Black people have a history of collaborating with their oppressor for short-term personal gain at the expense of the rest of us. I’m sure W.E.B. DuBois is rolling in his grave with the wholesale buyout of his “Talented Tenth.”

Now all you would need in an inciting incident. Enter: The Shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. A little over a year after the acquittal of George Zimmerman over the killing of Trayvon Martin, civil unrest has set in. A cop shooting a surrendering, college-bound teenager six times in broad daylight, then leaving his body in the street for four hours is a pretty good recipe for rebellion. Who knows how long it will last? No one can be sure, but what is for certain: The police state was exposed for the creeping monster that it is. From the Bearcat armored vehicles, to the militarized police, and the snipers aimed at reporters from News Week, The Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, and Info Wars, the Beast is on the loose.

The disregard for Black life is painfully apparent. Having a sitting Black president does not reverse the trend of the devaluing of Black bodies. Sadly, we have been willing participants in this devaluation. The gang warfare and drug crimes plaguing our communities for the last three decades have opened a dark pathway for our oppressor. In the same way it is easy to leave dirt while visiting an unclean home, why would ‘they’ value our lives if we don’t? Why would they respect our lives if every single year, Black people murder more Black people than 50 years of the KKK? Why would gentrification respect your community when you have defaulted to graffiti and bullet holes as decoration? Self-hate crimes seem to have escalated the higher some of us climb in the American social strata. 

And now, the game might finally be up. Think about it. What road haven’t we as a people traveled in search of our freedom? We have tried the Booker T. Washington approach to self-reliance. We have tried to repatriate our homeland with Marcus Garvey. We fought foreign tyrants and America’s enemies with the Tuskegee Airmen. We have tried to build a nation within a nation with Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. We fought the power tooth-and-nail with Huey P. Newton and the Black Panthers. We have tried nonviolent coexistence with Dr. Martin Luther King. We followed Bill Cosby into the middle class, chased Oprah and Eddie Murphy to financial titan-hood. We produce Michael Jackson and Jay-Z, chasing the glitter of stardom and spotlight. And now we’ve even spent the last six years in the White House with Barack and Michelle. 

What has it gotten us? Obama’s home town of Chicago is bathed in the blood of our children, and Eric Garner is choked to death by the NYPD. We still only own half of one percent of America’s wealth, the same as we did in the year 1850, according to the research of Dr. Claude Anderson. We are economically castrated and woefully unemployed in every major U.S. metropolitan area. No major Black corporations to employ in masse, and no Black military force protects Ferguson, or any of the rest of us. You tell me if you think this is a recipe for survival, let alone success. 

People forget, Hitler didn’t just up and throw the Jews in the ovens overnight. It was a gradual and methodical devaluation of their lives and a deconstruction of their influence over German affairs. When the crap finally hit the fan in Nazi Germany, people were still in denial about what was happening. The same is true with America’s extermination of the Indigenous peoples of America. You had to make them unnecessary before you could massacre them. There were micro-aggressions before macro-aggressions.   Remember, both the Jews and the Natives is a holy people in their own right, so don’t count on any amount of prayer or special relationship with God to save you from this onslaught. If the ‘chosen people’ could get it, what’s stopping destruction from coming to you?

“But, wouldn’t the United Nations, NATO, or some international body step in before that could happen?” Don’t count on it. They haven’t done anything yet. The U.S. calls the shots at the United Nations, and NATO is basically the United States. There is no African nation with the might to challenge this machine, and China and Russia talk a good game, but would not dare overstep their boundaries on our behalf. 

Our only hope is in ourselves.  With social media and YouTube, we could force the hand our local governments to step in, especially if their voting block is under quarantine. Standing courageously against corrupt policing and in non-compliance with corrupt directives could render them impotent against the power of the people, unified. Armed resistance (yes, a Thomas Jefferson rebellion) may be necessary if human life is reduced to cannon fodder by the police state. It’s goin’ down, folks, no more games. Ferguson, Missouri has unmasked the reality of the New World Order. It is upon you. You have a purpose, and it is freedom, so be willing to fight for it. If not for you, then fight for the children.

History is being made right now, so be on the right side of it.  What a glorious time to be alive!