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The Importance of Sleep

By: Kim Farmer

Sleep has an essential role in our life for physical and mental health, yet many people struggle to get enough of it. Insufficient sleep is a medical problem which is known as insomnia or sleeplessness. According to the National Sleep Foundation, acute insomniais brief and often happens because of life...

Robin Givens Bares Her Soul and Finds Her Purpose

By: Allison Kugel

Actress Robin Givens has played many roles in her life; retiring wallflower not being among them. She burst onto the scene as the beautiful and brainy Darlene on Head of the Class, a sitcom that aired on ABC from 1986 to 1991. Those same years brought a media explosion as...

Open Letter To The University Of Colorado President

By: James Michael Brodie

Editor: Dear Mr. Kennedy, Please accept my congratulations on joining us as president of my alma mater, the University of Colorado. There is much to be accomplished; I wish you well. However, I confess that I have serious concerns about the direction that this university has taken in regards to...

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Home Owners: You are living in your Cash Cow!

By: Barry Overton

The secret to building wealth with your existing home The African American Community has never been in a better position to make some of the biggest financial moves in our history, in this country. With better job opportunities, and entrepreneurial endeavors we are experiencing higher incomes than our parents. With...

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Drink Up During Summer Months

By: Kim Farmer

Now that summer is in full swing, the dry heat in Colorado can be overbearing at times. We are always reminded about the risks of dehydration and heat stroke when doing outside activities.   One of the best ways to keep hydrated during the hot summer months is to drink plenty of...

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Before The Nation Had The Obamas, Colorado Had The Webbs

By: The Honorable Wellington E. Webb

Editor’s note: Former Denver First Lady Wilma J. Webb’s latest project is commissioning a sculpture of her husband, Wellington E. Webb, Denver’s first African American mayor who served 12 years from 1991 to 2003. The sculpture, also supported by Mayor Michael Hancock, will be placed in the Wellington E. Webb...

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When They See Us with Closed Eyes and A Cold Heart

By: Op-ed Rosalind “Bee” Harris

The aftermath of the Denver Mayoral election runoff race between Mayor Michael B. Hancock and candidate Jamie Giellis is still brewing with opinions, narratives and analysis. And let’s be clear, this is not to offend anyone, this is just my observations and perspective. Early on in her campaign, the domino...