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Little Rock Nine: Inspiring the World 60 Years Later

By: Michael B. Hancock

“Don’t be selfish, Melba!” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. charged a tearful, 16-year-old Melba Pattillo as she hesitated to attend Little Rock’s Central High School in September 1957. “Stop complaining! You are not doing this for yourself, you are doing it for generations you have not seen, who you have...

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Exercise and Nutrition Tips for Type II Diabetics

By: Kim Farmer

There has been a global increase in the number of people with type II diabetes. And this increase is not only limited to adults, but we are now seeing more cases of type II diabetes in children. One of the key reasons why type II diabetes has increased over the...

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2A-2G Will Benefit Many Communities

By: Wellington E. Webb

One of the main reasons I urge voters to approve Denver's $973 million bond on the Nov.7 ballot is that neighborhoods all around Denver - including Five Points, Montbello, Park Hill and Green Valley Ranch - will benefit. We've all seen the enormous growth Denver has experienced in the last...

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Harvey Weinstein and the fall of Male Privilege

By: Theo E.J. Wilson

Tell James Brown this is a man’s world, no longer. The ladies brought us into this world, and they can take us out. The “Good Ol’ Boys” club is falling faster than a house of cards, and us guys only have our own bad behavior to blame. I include myself...

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On Ending Cannabis Prohibition

By: Op-ed Londell Jackson

Why are there so few people of color in the cannabis industry? Since some would argue Blacks and Latinos use cannabis disproportionately more when compared to whites, it would stand to reason this imbalance would be witnessed when engaging with people within the industry, but it’s not. In fact, it’s...

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Boomers Are Changing Retirement

By: Adam Dempsey

So “What’s Next?” That’s the question being asked by many Americans of all cultures age 60 to 70, the upper half of the Boomer generation. While observing their parents, essentially duplicating the retirement or non-working model of their grandparents, Boomers are deciding the being put “out to pasture” roadmap is...