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Ute Bear Dance Endures, with Small One-Day Ceremony

By: Adam Burke, KSUT Radio / Native Braids

Among the Ute people, late Spring is the time for Bear Dance. They're annual events that run for several days and are open to both Native Americans and non-natives. In recent years, hundreds of people attended Bear Dances in Ute communities in Colorado and Utah. But this year, because of...

COVID-19 is taking community out of rural Colorado’s community colleges

By: Kara Mason, Pueblo PULP

LA JUNTA, Colo. — Otero Junior College President Timothy Alvarez describes his leadership style as “MBWA,” management by walking around. The COVID-19 pandemic has made that nearly impossible for the rural college leader who now mostly works from home. Instead of finding a faculty member or student to chat with...

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These Vending Machines Dispense Small Paintings Instead of Potato Chips

By: Mark Duggan, KSUT Public Radio

The idea for bringing art vending machines to the Four Corners came to Alex Bond in Las Vegas. The Mancos, Colorado-based blacksmith saw them on a trip last winter. If they could work there, he reasoned, they could in rural southwest Colorado. At the time, Bond had been thinking a...

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Triggered: How one of Colorado’s smallest protests became its most violent

By: Susan Greene, Colorado News Collaborative, and Keith Cerny, Alamosa Valley Courier

ALAMOSA — The protesters, about a dozen in all, gathered on June 4 in the intersection of State Avenue and Main Street. Like protesters across the country in the aftermath of George Floyd’s killing by police, they were demanding police accountability and racial justice.  The group occupied the crosswalk during...

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At nearly every turn in Denver, protesters confront a reason to march

By: Tina Griego, The Colorado Independent

Kenny White, a black man in his late 20s, joins the downtown Denver protesters near dusk. A speaker has just wrapped his exhortation to the hundreds gathered at the west steps. “This is not a black-versus-white issue,” he says. “This is an us-versus-them issue.” The words “By any means necessary”...

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Elijah McClain tragedy: Anger ripples across social media

By: Quincy Snowden, Sentinel Colorado Staff Writer

AURORA | Celebrities and activists across the country have brought a flurry of renewed attention to the death of Elijah McClain this week, nearly 10 months after the 23-year-old Aurora man died after he was detained and sedated by first responders while walking home from a north Aurora convenience store....

Ain’t I A Woman, Too?

By: Lauren Castel

Ain’t I A Woman, Too? Without Racial Equity, There Cannot Be Gender Equity Dear Beloved Community, The late Dr. Vincent Harding, a Denver treasure and dear friend, often invoked the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., when speaking to the “beloved community.” Today, as I write to WFCO’s beloved...