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Denver Urban Spectrum's 2020 African Americans Who Make A Difference

Editor’s note: Each year during Black History Month,  Denver Urban Spectrum honors African Americans who are making a difference in the lives of others. Based on recognition, number of times nominated, impact on and service to the commumity, we have selected 15 recipients (from 50+ nominations) as the 2020 African...

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Marcus Garvey and the Black Star Line

By: Christian Glassiognon and Lynn Wilson

Today, on every Ghanaian flag sits a black star, a symbol of Pan-Africanism and Black pride born from the Black Star Line. The Black Star Line began in 1919 by prolific activist and publisher, Marcus Garvey, who founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in 1914 with the motto, “One...

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Reginald Lewis: The First African-American Business Titan

By: Christian Glassiognon and Lynn Wilson

The name Reginald Lewis (1942-1993), is widely unrecognized today, but he stands as a titan of business as formidable as Andrew Carnegie or John Rockefeller. Born and raised in the neighborhood of East Baltimore, Maryland, one he describes as “semi-tough,” Lewis developed his fierce and determined, yet loyal personality from...

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Exercise: Proven to Boost Mental Health

By: Kim Farmer

Through the decades, research has shown that exercise has many physical benefits for the body. Countless studies have shown that regular exercise results in a healthy body weight, improved stamina, increased energy, and improved functioning of the joints and muscles. About 20 years ago, reports started to appear that exercise...