Watch US Now! November 2020 – Rolling with the Doc:

Watch US Now! November 2020 – Rolling with the Doc:

The November 2020 edition of USNOW! features Dr. Lane Rolling, M.D., Chief Medical & Science Officer of SRS, Inc.

With people of color experiencing a higher death rate from COVID-19 than other ethnic groups in America, virologist, trauma surgeon, and chief medical officer of SRS Inc. Dr. Lane Rolling is offering ways to return to work and school more safely. Dr. Rolling, a certified chemical and biological warfare expert who is dedicated to saving lives and eradicating the coronavirus, is making an urgent call for change by speaking truth to power. His mission is driven by his passion to change today's COVID-19 statistics to create a brighter tomorrow. Dr. Rolling started answering questions about COVID-19 from Denver Urban Spectrum (DUS) readers last month in a regular Q&A column, “Rolling with the Doc.” This program is another way of sharing his expertise with our community.

The Doc also created a helpful Ebook for the holidays and the future: How to navigate and survive through the Covid-19 endemic, available at:

Please send your questions to to get answers from the Doc in our January issue.

Host and DUS Publisher: Rosalind "Bee" Harris; Moderator and DUS Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Alfonzo Porter; Zoom Administrator and US Now! Video Editor: Tanya Ishikawa; Segment Editor: Cecile Perrin. Music by Bobby Wells.