Youth Learn the Value of Insurance from Broncos Legends  Boys and Girls Club Hosts Book Release

Youth Learn the Value of Insurance from Broncos Legends Boys and Girls Club Hosts Book Release

School systems have just recently begun to offer financial literacy as part of their required curriculum. A primary component of these programs includes an understanding of the role insurance plays in our long term financial health and viability.

On Friday, June 14, Broncos greats Rod Smith and Terrell Davis teamed with radio personality and CEO of Royal Financial Investment Group, Prince Dykes to host a book release at the Denver Broncos Boys and Girls Club in Montbello.  

Speaking before hundreds of excited children and adults, author Dykes explained the purposes of insurance and why he decided to publish the work. Written for his son, the book Wesley Learns about Insurance features Terrell Davis. 

According to Smith, a longtime advocate for the Boys and Girls Clubs, he was approached by Davis and Dykes to host an event but wanted to include children.

“Terrell knows how much I love the Boys and Girls Clubs so it was perfect. I definitely wanted to a part of it,” Smith said.

Although the book's target audience is the younger generation, anyone can read it and learn something new as many adults still do not have a firm grasp of the concept and how critical it is to their financial well being.   

Because he has a young son, Dykes wanted to make an impact on his knowledge of financial concepts early on. In the process, he began to consider focusing on the next generation of consumers. 

“If you can teach them about money now, while they are young, then things will make a lot more sense to them when they are older and possibly prevent a lot of mistakes,” Dykes added. “My son works with me, and ever since he was 3-years-old, he has been learning about finance. I kept telling myself that in 15 years, he will enter the real world, and I wanted him to be armed with as much information as possible.”

Dykes, Smith and Davis all hope to make a difference in the younger generation with the release of this book. It will potentially save many young people from the credit nightmare that some adults struggle with. The books are designed to create better informed consumers, which in the long term can be a boost to the economy.

"I always thought, for me personally, there are a hole and a gap between educating young people about finances. This book just made a lot of sense. We have a children's book that addresses finances, credit, investing and all these things we deal with on a personal basis that we don't learn until later on in life, so it just made sense to me," said Davis. "Really, it's about awareness. It's about teaching kids about financial literacy."

Young and old should be able to learn something from either of Dykes' books.  They are educational, easy to read, and family oriented. In the end, Dykes may well accomplish his goal of making a difference in the community.

This is the third book of his series by Dykes. His other titles are Wesley Learns to Investand Wesley Learns about Credit. All books are currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Tattered Cover Bookstore and other book retailers.