Honoring Brother Keith L. Weston with “A Brown or Chocolate Affair”

Honoring Brother Keith L. Weston with “A Brown or Chocolate Affair”

During the first weekend in March, the world’s oldest and largest group of Masons of African origin will celebrate 234 years of brotherhood and servitude. Hundreds of Prince Hall Masons will convene in the Mile High City to celebrate Founders Day Weekend and attend the Testimonial Banquet honoring Keith L. Weston.

Weston, who is approaching the end of his two-year term as the 66th Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of Colorado and Its Jurisdiction, is looking forward to the opportunity to fellowship with Grand Masters from around the world at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Denver-Stapleton. The weekend will begin with a Table Lodge on Friday, March 1; a Grand Master 1-day class on Saturday, March 1, as well as theweekend’spremiere event, the Sickle Cell Charity King Contest and Fashion Show and Testimonial Banquet, themed “A Brown or Chocolate Affair.” The weekend celebration will end on Sunday, March 3, after a joint church service and a visit to the grave site of First Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Master, Thomas J. Riley.

Prince Hall Founders Day Weekend will highlight the investments that Weston has made on the journey to becoming the 66th GrandMaster, while recognizing his contributions to the community through charitable acts of service. Weston, who uses his platform to promote his community outreach objectives, has been instrumental in increasing philanthropic activity during his tenure. At the beginning of his term, he pledged to donate $25,000 to Sickle Cell Disease research funding for more than five years. He knew that Sickle Cell Disease disproportionately affects African Americans but did not anticipate the impact that focusing on the disease would have. “I didn’t realize how many people within the organization are affected by Sickle Cell Disease by either having it themselves, or someone in their family,” he says.

Service and brotherhood are at the foundation of Prince Hall Masonry’s mission. Weston, who has been a Prince Hall Mason since 2000, remembers being one of the youngest participants in the organization. When he joined, members ages ranged fromthemid-50’s to 60’s; but over time he has witnessed a shift to a younger demographic of new members.

He is eager to extend traditions of excellence to the next generation of leaders, utilizing technology in addition to publicizing Founders Day events to support modern recruitment efforts. By taking advantage of social media with a Facebook page for communication, he urges those interested in Prince Hall Masonry to express interest, saying, and “If you want to be one, ask one.”

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