New York Style Deli Transitions to New Aurora Location

New York Style Deli Transitions to New Aurora Location

For John Aquino, the dream of owning a New York style deli began as a child. Growing up in New York City’s Queens Borough, Aquino admired the work of his father, Lucas Aquino, who opened the original A Brother’s Deli location over 30 years ago. Now, Aquino has followed in his father’s footsteps and expanded the family’s deli brand.

Located in the Chambers Place Shopping Center in Aurora, A Brother’s Deli features flavors from the East coast to the Mile High City, representing the many cultural cuisines in between.  In addition to a variety of original and traditional cold and hot hero sandwich offerings, the original New York style deli sells hamburgers, chicken wings, ribs, salads, kids’ meals and delicious sides.

A Brother’s Deli’s original location is a New York City favorite, with an extensive original menu that has been tested by some of New York’s best food aficionados. With sandwiches like A Brother’s Philly, Sylvia’s Cuban and The Mile High Turkey Sandwich, there is something for everyone!

After moving from New York to Denver, Aquino missed the food he’d grown accustomed to eating as the son of adeli-owner. “When I moved to Colorado, I noticed there was a lack of good food; especially good sandwiches. I decided that it would be a good idea to bring the New York flavor and New York style of heroes over here to Colorado,” he said.

The road to expanding the family business was not without challenges. Business licensing and location selection were some of the biggest hurdles Aquino experienced in opening A Brother’s Deli, but after obtaining the proper licenses and deciding on an Aurora location, his lifelong dream would soon be realized. Tucked in the corner of the Chambers Place Shopping Center at 4858 Chambers Road, the newly renovated A Brother’s Deli opened for business in 2016.

Realizing that word-of-mouth advertising is less effective in Denver than it is in thejam packed food and business districts of New York, Aquino turned to local advertising to spread the word about Aurora’s best New York style heroes. “At first, it was hard to get the word out. We didn’t get that much walk-in traffic, so we went out into the streets, passing out flyers and giving out free samples. We advertised on Facebook and in the Denver Urban Spectrum,” said Aquino. To overcome the low-visibility of the deli’s location, Aquino had to think outside of the box and expand his advertising to reach more A. “It was a rough start, but we got over the hump.”

Aquino introduced delivery service to his customers in 2018. “I started selling about 10 sandwiches a day; now we’re selling over 150!” The ease of ordering a hot, fresh hero sandwich from the comforts of home has boosted sales and established A Brother’s Deli as a local favorite. The restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Customers can have food delivered Monday to Saturday until 7:00 p.m. when ordering from GrubHub and Uber Eats.

Aquino is still working to recreate the original New York City vibe in the new Aurora location, where customers can find specialty foods and listen to upbeat music selections as they wait. He is excited about the opportunity to add his own finishing touches to the deli, and he goes the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. “No matter what, we will make your sandwiches to your liking,” said Aquino. “A lot of my customers tell me that A Brother’s Deli sandwiches are the best they’ve ever had. Ultimately, that’s my goal, for this to be the best sandwich you have ever had.”

A Brother’s Deli is home to enthusiastic employees who are equally passionate about New York style hero sandwiches. “The food is really good,” said Jennifer Ruis, who enjoys serving repeat customers.
“Every time I visit A Brother’s Deli, I order something new and I’m never disappointed. The service is quick and friendly, and I’m a big fan,” said Meredith Allen, a long-time Aurora resident who first visited the deli after bringing her son Miles, to the neighboring barber shop.

A Brother’s Deli is a great choice for lunch or dinner. With excellent customer service, a newly renovated dining area and over 40 delicious items to choose from, the family-owned NewYork style deli is guaranteed to please.

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