Independent Feature Documentary Film God of the Oppressed Seeks Public Support

Independent Feature Documentary Film God of the Oppressed Seeks Public Support

Emmy award-winning independent filmmaker Dante James and owner of Black Pearl Media Works, LLC (BPMW) announced the production of God of the Oppressed, an independent feature documentary, is underway.  

God of the Oppressed is a documentary film that will explore Black liberation and womanist theology through the stories of Bishop Henry McNeil Turner, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Traci Blackmon and others including Nat Turner.

In 1898 Bishop Henry McNeil Turner said, God is a Negro; Reverend Jeremiah Wright questions Americas’ commitment to equality and justice for Black people, and Rev. Traci Blackmon connects the Black activist religious tradition to Black youth movements. In God of the Oppressed, stories, characters and gospel music will celebrate and frame a perspective of God within the context of an oppressed people.  

Dr. James Cone,author of the book “God of the Oppressed,” is featured in the trailer and is chief academic advisor for the film. In his book, Cone argues for a theology constructed from the experiences of Black people who understand God’s role in liberating those crying for the pain to end. He challenges theologians to abandon the White system defining the meaning of God.

Co-producer, Rev. Carl Kenny stated, “Dr. Cone challenges theologians and Black Christians to abandon the white system defining the meaning of God. Cone’s work and thefilmchallenges Black men and women to listen to the voices of Black people to construct a Christianity framed from their experiences.”

Films that explore Black American history and culture with internal interpretations of Black experiences need support from progressive people and organizations nationwide.
“After six months, and with the incredible support from the Union Theological Seminary, Dr. James Cone and personal resources, the God of the Oppressed trailer has been described as powerful from ministers,laypeople
and academics after viewing in private screenings,” James said.

“We are now turning to the public for support by establishing anIndiegogocrowd funding site. We believe this approach will shield God of the Oppressed, which explores stories of the radical Black Christian experience from the ‘filters’ that often come with resources from entities outside of progressive communities. This story must be told through the lens of the Black experience unfiltered.”.

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Black Pearl Media Works produces artistic, entertaining and profitable media that explores humanity through the lens of Black cultures worldwide. It’s current project, God of the Oppressed is co-produced by Emmy award-winning independent filmmaker and Black Pearl Media Works owner Dante James and Reverend Carl W. Kenney II, a Black liberation theology
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